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Are you interested in DNA testing?

We are Canadian and American board-certified genetic counsellors and medical geneticists offering educational genetic consultations.

Annual Check-up

Are you practicing preventative medicine?

We build elite genetic screening programs for your clinic and provide genetic services under your brand to reinforce your credibility in delivering preventative care.


Dr. Bahar Jafari Boroujerdi

Although I practiced surgical oncology pathology for numerous years, I was unaware of the importance of genomic testing for my cancer diagnosis. Without genetic counselling, I would have never known about the possibility of having personalized targeted therapy and clinical trial options for my pancreatic cancer treatment.

About Our Genetic Counselling and Consulting Services

At Bahar Genetics, we focus on specialized genetic consulting for preventative care, designed to offer informational insights into individual and familial health risks. We delve into your unique genetic makeup and family history, providing a detailed picture of potential risks for illnesses like cancer. Our team of certified genetic counsellors and medical geneticists is committed to helping you understand these insights. While we emphasize that our services are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice, we aim to support you in making informed decisions about your health, empowering you with knowledge for your awareness and discussions with your healthcare professionals.

Comprehensive Support

We understand that genetic diseases like cancer can be overwhelming, both emotionally and mentally. Our genetic counsellors provide compassionate psychosocial support throughout the genetic counselling process. We address patients' concerns, fears, and the potential impact of genetic information on themselves and their families. Our goal is to ensure that patients feel supported and empowered to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare journey.

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