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Our Partners

Devoted to Excellence, Grounded in Trust: Supporting Our Clients with Integrity

Alamya Health uses multi-modal genomics to enhance understanding of health and disease and to foster diagnostic, preventative, and therapeutic precision medicine.


Helix Mind is dedicated to nurturing a sense of joy, confidence, and fulfillment in those on a unique health journey. The founder, Dr. Shohreh Asghari, focuses on empowering individuals who may be at risk of genetic conditions, as well as the devoted caregivers and parents of children with genetic disorders, guiding them towards a life of thriving. 

Oncohelix specializes in personalized oncology, utilizing unique biomarkers from a patient's cancer to tailor diagnosis and treatment. These biomarkers, akin to a personal "fingerprint," reveal specific genomic or immunological alterations in the tumor or patient.

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