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Terms of use for Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc,,, Bahar, Bahar Genetics,, and

1. Introduction and Acceptance of Terms

1.1. Acceptance: By accessing, browsing, or using Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc's website and its associated services ("Services"), you, the user, acknowledge that you have comprehensively read, comprehended, and consent to be legally bound by these Terms of Use ("Terms"). If you dissent from any provision within these Terms, you are requested to cease all use of our platform and its services immediately.

1.2. Date of Last Revision: These Terms were last updated on November 2nd, 2023.

2. Definitions

2.1. The terms "The Company", "We", "Us", or "Our" pertain exclusively to Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc.

2.2. "Client", "Clients", "User", "You", or "Your" denotes any individual(s) or corporate entity accessing or utilizing our Services.

2.3. "Contractor" is indicative of an independent third-party service provider in an association with the Company.

2.4. "Website" represents our online presence located at or any affiliated domains.

3. Nature and Extent of Services

3.1. The Company primarily offers services involving genetic consultations, proffering expert guidance on genetic testing, and delivering an in-depth interpretation of genetic test outcomes. All services are conducted remotely, predominantly via the Jane Telehealth platform.

4. Confidentiality, Privacy, and Compliance with Genetic Non-Discrimination Legislation

4.1. Commitment to Privacy: The Company places paramount importance on safeguarding the confidentiality of your genetic data, and rigorous standards are enforced to shield your genetic particulars from any unauthorized exposure, dissemination, or manipulation. Despite reasonable security measures, the security of your information can never be completely guaranteed.

4.2. Adherence to GNA: Our operations and directives are consistent with the provisions of the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (GNA). At no point will clients be coerced or mandated to undergo genetic testing or disclose their results, except when compelled by specific Canadian statutes or ordinances. 

4.3. Prohibition on Unauthorized Disclosures: Third-party entities are strictly prohibited from divulging your genetic test outcomes without your express written consent, congruent with the requirements of the GNA.

5. Rights and Obligations of Clients

5.1. Client Rights: Clients have the right to decline a genetic test and can choose whether or not to share the results. File a complaint if you feel your rights are violated. 

5.2. Obligations: Clients agree not to knowingly misrepresent personal and family health history. Clients agree not to share any confidential information about a person unless they are authorized to do so. This includes but is not limited to copies of relatives’ genetic testing reports and other medical records.

6. Association with Contractors

6.1. Genetic Counsellors: Our genetic counselling services are facilitated by independent contractors who are certified either by the Canadian Board of Genetic Counselling (CBGC) or the American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC). Only these professionals are qualified and permitted to offer genetic counselling services under the aegis of our Company.

6.2. Genetic Consultants: These professionals possess either a Master of Science (MSc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in pertinent scientific fields. Their primary role is educational, focusing on medical clinics. It is imperative to note that while they impart crucial knowledge and insights related to genetic counselling, they do not offer genetic counselling services.

6.3. Ethical and Legal Compliance: Contractors are obligated to adhere to all mandates enshrined in the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (GNA) and function under the same rigorous confidentiality and privacy norms that the Company pledges allegiance to.

7. Telehealth Modality

7.1. We have integrated the Jane platform as our primary conduit for proffering telehealth services. As a consequence, clients are concurrently bound by these Terms and any policies and confidentiality assurances tendered by Jane Software Inc. 

8. Financial Considerations

8.1. For an exhaustive delineation of our pricing mechanisms and available service packages, clients are directed to peruse our dedicated webpage at


8.2. We do not accept insurance. You may submit a copy of your receipt to your insurer for reimbursement,

but we cannot advise you as to the likelihood of coverage or the process for submitting to your insurer.

Obtaining possible reimbursement is your sole responsibility.

9. Future Diagnoses

9.1. Impact on Risk Assessment and Recommendations: The emergence of future diagnoses, whether for you or a family member, can influence the evaluation of risk and the subsequent recommendations provided. Additionally, as the field of genetics advances, there may be new or different genetic testing options available in the future. The interpretations and medical management suggestions stemming from genetic test results may also evolve, which may encompass shifts in screening recommendations and available treatment options.

9.2. Client Responsibility: It is your exclusive responsibility to consult and follow up with a duly qualified healthcare professional concerning modifications to reported familial health histories, newly available genetic testing options, and any associated recommendations.

10. Discussion with your Healthcare Provider(s)

10.1. Affiliations and Independence: Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc. is an independently operated corporation based in British Columbia. We are not associated or affiliated with any hospital, medical center, or other healthcare institution.

10.2. Sharing of Genetic Counselling Details: Though it's often recommended that you share insights from your genetic counselling sessions and any relevant notes with your healthcare provider(s), the onus of deciding to share or withhold this information rests solely with you. We maintain a policy of non-intervention and will not initiate contact with your healthcare provider.

10.3. Collaboration upon Consent: Should your healthcare provider approach Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc and provided you have granted either verbal or written consent, we are open to engaging in discussions for the sake of professional courtesy. This collaborative dialogue aims to aid in the seamless coordination of care and case management. While we don't charge an additional fee for these discussions, it's essential to understand that Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc is under no obligation to engage in such interactions.

11. Intellectual Proprietary Rights

11.1. All content featured on our website, inclusive but not restricted to text, graphics, symbols, and multimedia, is the proprietary asset of Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc.

12. Termination Provisions

12.1. We, at our absolute discretion, reserve the prerogative to curtail, suspend, or terminate your access to the Services at any juncture and for any rationale without any antecedent notification or liability. The Company retains the right to rescind these Terms without notice and may inhibit access to the Services for any user adjudged to contravene these Terms.

13. Limitations and Disclaimers

13.1. The genetic counselling insights and intelligence disseminated via our Services are designed for general informational purposes and should never be misconstrued as a surrogate for professional medical counsel or intervention. Always seek the insights of a competent medical professional for any queries or apprehensions.

13.2. While we endeavour to uphold the pinnacle of precision, the website or Services might occasionally harbour inadvertent inaccuracies or oversights. Uninterrupted, flawless, or safeguarded access to our website or Services is not guaranteed.

14. Jurisdiction and Conflict Resolution

14.1. Any contention or claim emanating from these Terms will be adjudicated under Canadian law, irrespective of its conflict of law principles. All parties irrevocably acquiesce to the jurisdiction of Canadian courts for the adjudication of any disputes concomitant to these Terms or the Services.

15. Amendments to the Terms

15.1. We may periodically revise these Terms. Such modifications will be immediately effective upon their publication on the website. Your sustained use of our Services post any such alterations signifies your acceptance of the modified Terms.

16. Communication Channels

16.1. For any queries or concerns vis-à-vis these Terms, kindly contact us at

17. Clause Severability

17.1. Should any stipulation within these Terms be adjudged unenforceable or invalid, that particular clause will be nullified, while the remainder of the provisions shall persist in full force.

18. Third-Party Genetic Testing Companies and Laboratories

18.1. Partnership with Labs: For the provision of certain Services, Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc. may collaborate with third-party genetic testing companies or laboratories ("External Labs") to order genetic testing or to analyze and interpret results.

18.2. No Direct Control: While we select reputable External Labs with the intent of providing you with accurate and reliable results, we do not have direct control over, nor do we operate, these External Labs. As such, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the results or analyses they provide.

18.3. No Liability: Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc. shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any inaccuracies, discrepancies, or delays in the results, nor for any actions taken or not taken based on results provided by these External Labs. Any reliance you place on such results is strictly at your own risk.

18.4. External Lab Practices: We are not responsible for the content, privacy policies, practices, or standards of the External Labs. We strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policies, of any External Lab we might collaborate with.

18.5. Queries and Concerns: Any queries, concerns, or disputes regarding the results or services of the External Labs should be directed to the respective laboratory or company.

Acknowledgment Clause

By engaging with or utilizing the Services, you signify your acknowledgment and acceptance of these Terms in their entirety.

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