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Privacy Notice of Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc


Entities Covered 

This notice applies to Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc and encompasses,, Bahar Genetics, Bahar Telegene,, and All these websites and services are under the umbrella of Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc.


This notice outlines our practices concerning the use, storage, and disclosure of your medical and genetic information. Please review this notice thoroughly. For inquiries or concerns, reach out to


  • Health Information: Refers to all medical data and genetic testing results pertaining to you.

  • Engage: To discuss, share, or clarify specific details with healthcare providers.


Your Health Information Rights

  • Access: Obtain an electronic or paper copy of your genetic testing results.

  • Confidential Communications: Request discreet communications from us.

  • Limitations: Request restrictions on how we use or disclose your health information.

  • Third-Party Disclosure Record: Request a record of entities we've shared your information with (response provided within 30 days).

  • Privacy Notice Copy: Acquire a copy of this notice anytime.

  • Lodge a Complaint: If you believe your rights have been infringed, contact us. Legal jurisdiction over any disputes rests with British Columbia (BC), Canada.


Insurance Policy

Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc does not partner with insurance providers. Our services are fully self-paid. We won't share data with insurers. 


Usage & Disclosure

Online Genetic Counselling Services Inc operates independently and is not affiliated with any medical center. We often recommend sharing consult information with healthcare providers. The decision to share or withhold lies with you. If a healthcare provider contacts us post-sharing, and with your explicit consent (verbal or written), we will engage with them.

Your confidentiality is paramount. Your personal, family health history or genetic test reports won't be disclosed without explicit consent. Exceptions, compliant with BC laws, include:

  • Legal obligations due to federal or state regulations.

  • Emergent scenarios where you can't consent but data is vital for treatment.

  • Post-demise scenarios where medical examiners may require information.


Our Obligations

  • Privacy & Security: We're legally committed to ensuring your health information's privacy and security.

  • Breach Notification: If a breach threatens your information's privacy or security, we'll notify you as soon as possible through your registered email.

  • Adherence: We strictly adhere to the privacy practices listed here. Any other use or disclosure requires your written consent. You can revoke this anytime in writing by sending your revocation to


Notice Changes

This notice can change. All changes will be effective for your existing data and any new information. Updated versions will be on our website and communicated to our users.


Effective Date: February 4th, 2024

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